Web interface

The included web interface gives you an overview of all your cranes, both where they are located and the current wind readings, as well as historical data. An overview map is also available which shows all crane locations in one map.


Data logger

The data logger is attatched directly to the crane, between the cranes own anemometer and the crane electronics as a “plug & play” solution, this box comes with either support for 1 or 2 wind sensors/channels.

By default the data logger is equipped with an internal storage, a GPS module, a Wi-Fi module, and 2, 3 and 4G capabillities.

The internal storage is used as a backup for all the data the unit have ever logged, this means that even when the crane is in a very remote area, where data can’t be send via the mobile network, all the data is still stored and will be sent as soon as the mobile network is accessible.

However you might have a unit operating in a very remote area for longer periods of time, this is where the loggers built it Wi-Fi comes in handy, you can log on to this Wi-Fi while close to the crane, and then manually fetch all the data that haven’t yet been sent, with this data now on a portable device (phone, laptop, ect.) you can move to a place where network is accessible and send it to us, we will then upload it to the server and you now have all the data available on the web interface.

Further more the Wi-Fi can also be used to get a current reading from the crane, by loggin on to the units Wi-Fi you can then open a browser (like Internet explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) and navigate to a local site where an overview of the current reading are displayed as well as a status for the unit.


Optional modules


The Export module creates Excel documents containing the wind data for a given time period, these can be used for documentation or to intergrate the data in your other system / analytics, or to satisfy contractors.

Daily Report

Get a PDF via email containing graphs of the cranes wind data for the past 24 hours.

User Managetment

With this module it’s possible for you to create users that can access your site, you can control how much access each login has by limiting factors like which cranes the user can access, and in what time period the specific user has access to view each crane.
This is useful for providing your contractors with the data they require while a project is ongoing, or to give a department a special login with access to only the cranes they operate on.

Mobile View

A more basic version of the desktop version that better suits being used on mobile devies.